Photo Books

Abstract Collection  view book online

As a fine art photographer, I began experimenting with digital art while recovering from eye surgery and adapting to life with altered vision. Each image in this body of work began with one of my conventional photographs, which I completely transformed in Adobe Photoshop using multiple effects, filters, and layers. As you may guess from the titles, I always listen to music while I am working at the computer. When I begin each piece, I have no clear idea of what the final image will be. The genre, tempo, and lyrics influence the movements of my hands during the creative process.

View from the Office  view book online

This personal photo project was a challenge to add one new (and in some way unique) image taken from the same location each week for one year. Every photo was taken with an iPhone through window glass from the office at my day job. While over 100 images were captured, only one determined the most unique of each week is shown here. The project was cut short by the COVID-19 global pandemic. In the end, I am reminded not to take the many joys of daily life including this amazing, ever-changing view for granted.

Water Colors  view book online

For me, bodies of water are magnets that pull me near and fill me with a visceral sense of coming home. I find spiritual peace in the sights, sounds, and smells of water. I love to spend hours roaming along the docks on the Portland waterfront, mesmerized and delighted by the constantly changing visual kaleidoscope reflected on the water’s surface. Here I discover an abundant source of ephemeral abstract works of art, each lasting only an instant. This book includes selected images from my fine art series titled “Water Colors” capturing these fleeting splashes of color and morphing shapes.

Wind Dancing  view book online

While wind is invisible, we frequently hear, feel, and see its effects. The gentle breeze that creates the soothing sound of rustling leaves on a warm evening or strong gusts of wind that make snowflakes swirl in a blizzard, for example. I especially love to feel a cooling breeze on my skin on a hot summer day. Watching how the wind interacts with various forms of plant life, I am reminded of dancing. This book includes selected images from my “Wind Dancing” series, which captures visual motion to communicate a mood of joyous abandon, to complement an original poem.