For Baron, It’s All a Big Game

Officer Kevin Webster of the South Portland Police Department says that he spends more time with his K-9 partner Baron than he does with his wife and kids. Together 24/7, Kevin and Baron know each other so well that much of their communication – a look, body language, or tone of voice (bark) – is subtle and easy to miss. Retired military and a police officer for 20 years, Kevin believes that on numerous occasions Baron’s mere presence has resulted in suspects handing over drugs/weapons or surrendering without a fight. However, a K-9 unit represents a major liability risk for the police department should the dog attack the wrong person. Thus, constant training is a way of life for Kevin and Baron. As a State Certified K-9 Trainer, Kevin has been bitten dozens of times. He shrugs off the bites as just part of the job.  (March – May 2009, Courtesy of Salt Institute for Documentary Studies)