Digital Art

Abstract Collection

As a fine art photographer, I began experimenting with digital art while recovering from eye surgery and adapting to life with altered vision. Each image in this body of work began with one of my conventional photographs, which I completely transformed in Adobe Photoshop using multiple effects, filters, and layers. As you may guess from the titles, I always listen to music while I am working at the computer. When I begin each piece, I have no clear idea of what the final image will be. The genre, tempo, and lyrics influence the movements of my hands during the creative process. (2014-2015)

America 2017

I find myself living in a country I barely recognize, bombarded daily by angry rhetoric and blatant lies from the highest elected official in the nation. The bigot who currently occupies the White House chooses fiery language to incite and divide us. While demonizing or ridiculing any who oppose him, the bully’s most vicious attacks aim to discredit and censor a free press that is vital to democracy. This series is an expression of my uneasiness in these dangerous times. (2017)

Losing Focus

Losing Focus icon

Every now and then, life throws you a curveball. Often, just when you need one most. Already struggling to continue growing as an artist amidst a major life change, I was handed an unexpected medical diagnosis. Faced with the real potential of losing my vision, this series represents my attempts to re-establish my priorities, process the fear, and allow myself to imagine how the world may look one day through my eyes by using Adobe Photoshop to alter traditional urban landscape images. (2012)


An avid reader since childhood, I have always loved words. A well-crafted phrase by a skilled writer will make me pause to re-read the words again, conjuring a vivid image in my mind. Words have the power to elicit strong feelings, influence beliefs, and provide solace. In this series of abstract digital art, I have challenged myself to create images to visually represent a few of my favorite descriptive words. (2018-2020)